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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair. 


Treasure You prides itself on using the Candela GentleMax Pro Laser, the newest and most effective technology for safe hair removal on ALL skin types!

Our laser offers varying pulse durations enabling better destruction of the hair follicle, larger spot sizes enabling a deeper depth of penetration and effective DCD cooling, which protects the epidermis, allowing for safer delivery of energy.

Laser hair removal does require 6-8 sessions, consistently every 4-6 weeks; however, many patients begin to see significant results almost immediately. 

Prices listed are estimates based on 'average' size and duration to treat.  Costs will be discussed at the time of consultation and will reflect the size of the client's treatment area.  For clients who need to extend their treatments time beyond the scheduled window, please note that a $40 surcharge per 30-min. overtime will be applied. 



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Select "Read More" to learn why our laser

is safe for darker complexions.

Single Area

X-Small Area

Areas considered x-small typically include upper lip, chin, sideburns, forehead, and 'spot' areas 

$30 single session

$75 3-session package


Small Area

Areas considered small typically include jawline, neck, and back of neck

$60 single session

$150 3-session package


Medium Area

Areas considered medium typically include lower arms/legs, shoulders, bikini and underarms

$90 single session

$225 3-session package


Large Area

Areas considered large typically include full arms, Brazilian, buttocks and half back, stomach and chest

$130 single session

$325 3-session package


X-Large Area

Areas considered x-large typically include full legs, full back and male Brazilian

$200 single session

$500 3-session package

Multi-Area Packages

1-hour Laser Session

Treat ANY areas during a1-hour session.

$295 single session


Full Face

Includes any facial area such as upper lip, chin, sideburns & jawline 

$105 single session

$290 3-session package


Summer Ready

Includes any X-Large area and 2 Medium areas.

(i.e. full legs, bikini and underarms)

$265 single session

$740 3-session package



Includes any X-Large, Large and Medium areas.

(i.e. full legs, Brazilian and underarms)

$295 single session

$820 3-session package



Includes any X-Large and 2 Large areas.

(i.e. full legs, full arms and Brazilian)

$320 single session

$900 3-session package



Includes any 2 X-Large and Large areas.

(i.e. full chest, full back & buttocks)

$370 single session

$900 3-session package

  • Inquire about prices to ADD-ON additional areas to some of the packages listed above.

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